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Restore normal spinal and extremity joint function.

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The goal of a chiropractic adjustment is to restore joint motion and improve biomechanic health in the spine and extremities. Before an adjustment, our chiropractors at Accelerate Health assess both joint motion as well as muscle tone to help determine which joints need adjusting and in which direction they require more motion. Once this is determined your chiropractor will apply what is called an HVLA.

This stands for high velocity low amplitude, meaning a quick motion with little force. This technique allows your chiropractor to be accurate and effective without excessive force being applied through the joint. During an adjustment you might hear a “pop” or what is called a cavitation. The cavitation is what happens when an air bubble is created in the joint fluid and that bubble pops releasing air. This is similar to what happens when you pop your bubble gum. The cavitation is generally not indicative of a “good” or “bad” adjustment and because of this, your chiropractor will reassess joint motion even after an adjustment is performed.

Your chiropractor will also reassess muscle tone following an adjustment as increasing motion in the joint can reduce muscle tension. During an adjustment your muscles undergo what is called a quick stretch reflex. This serves as a reset for the muscle and can help reduce tension in the muscle.

While adjustments can be helpful to reduce muscle tension further treatment is usually required. This is why at Accelerate Health our chiropractors use many modalities including, graston, ART, dry needling, laser, cupping, active release technique, and others to help reduce tension and restore function.

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