Don’t Let Pain Hold You Back

The pain and frustration you’re feeling doesn’t have to be your new normal. Our team of physical medicine experts--from our chiropractic specialists to our team of physical therapists--are here to help you return to your active, healthy lifestyle as soon as possible.


Restore motion and health in your spine and joints.

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Pain Management

Relieve pain with medical and non-surgical solutions.

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Physical Therapy

Support your recovery and prevent further injury.

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Massage Therapy

Relax sore muscles and improve circulation.

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Return To Your Full and Active Life

We understand how debilitating pain in any form can be. We’re here to help you return to your active, healthy lifestyle as soon as possible.

Here’s how we do it:


Tell us everything! We listen to your story and your body so we can understand what’s happening and how we can help.


You’re unique. Instead of shoving you into an expensive, cookie cutter program, we’ll craft a customized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.


Your healing starts in our office, but it doesn’t stop there. We’ll help and support your recovery here and at home so you can get and stay well.

Pain, in any form, can be debilitating and discouraging. At Accelerate Health, we take an integrative approach to your health, from chiropractic treatment to physical therapy and much more, so you can return to your full and active lifestyle as soon as possible.