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Live Life Free From Pain

Physical therapy services and chiropractic care to help you get and stay well.

Return to what you love

Get out of pain faster

Prevent future injuries

Don’t Let Pain Hold You Back

The pain and frustration you’re feeling doesn’t have to be your new normal. Our team of physical medicine experts—from chiropractic caregivers to physical therapists—are here to help Denver and Lakewood return to your active, healthy lifestyle as soon as possible.

Chiropractic Care

Whether you’ve been in an auto accident or are looking for a prenatal chiropractor, we’ll help you restore motion and health in your spine and joints.

Physical Therapy

After an injury or procedure, it’s important to learn how to move correctly and strengthen the right muscles. We’ll help support your recovery and prevent further injury.

Pain Management

Struggling with neck pain, sports injuries, or more? Our clinics in Denver will help you relieve pain with medical and non-surgical solutions.

Massage Therapy

There’s more to massage than relaxation. We’ll help you treat sore muscles, improve circulation, decrease stiffness, reduce inflammation and even sleep better.

Stay Healthy and Active for the Long Term

You deserve a life free from pain.

Get Out of Pain​

Debilitating pain can come from so many places–auto accidents, sports injuries, pregnancy, even how you sit at work! Our chiropractors and pain management specialists in Denver will help you find relief so you can function again.

Get Healthy

Relieving pain is just the first step. Using our integrative approach to treatment, we’ll help you get the tools, therapies, and education you need to rebuild muscle and reduce inflammation so you can get and stay well.

Get Back to Life

With your injury resolved and a plan for the future, you can stop living in pain and instead enjoy a happy, active life where you can confidently perform at your best.

Return To Your Full and Active Life

We understand how debilitating pain in any form can be. We’re here to help you return to your active, healthy lifestyle as soon as possible.

Here’s how we do it:


Tell us everything! We listen to your story and your body so we can understand what’s happening and how we can help.


You’re unique. Instead of shoving you into an expensive, cookie cutter program, we’ll craft a customized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.


Your healing starts in our office, but it doesn’t stop there. We’ll help and support your recovery here and at home so you can get and stay well.

Pain, in any form, can be debilitating and discouraging. At Accelerate Health, we take an integrative approach to your health so you can return to your full and active lifestyle as soon as possible.

Your Life is Waiting

At Accelerate Health, we know that you want to get out of pain and back to your life.

We understand how debilitating pain in any form can be. We’ve been there!  That’s why we take an integrative approach to your care. 

Our team of physical medicine providers in our two Denver clinics include chiropractors, physical therapists, pain and sports medicine specialists, chiropractic sports physicians, and massage therapists, with a singular goal: to help you return to your active, healthy lifestyle as soon as possible.

We’ll help you treat conditions like:

Don’t see your pain or injury on the list? Don’t worry! We’d love to see you in person and help you create a custom treatment plan.

Accepted Insurances

We accept most insurances, as well as Care Credit, a health care credit card. We are in-network with the following companies:

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