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Manage pain, improve mobility, and prevent disability with physical therapy in Denver and Lakewood.

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Our physical therapy treatments in Denver and Lakewood will help you get and stay better.


Address root causes of pain to reduce discomfort and improve overall well-being.


Restore normal function and regain strength after injury, surgery, or other medical procedures.


Avoid recurring injuries with thoughtful instruction and training in proper body mechanics and ergonomics

What is Physical Therapy?

The goal of physical therapy (PT) is to restore, maintain, and promote optimal physical function and mobility for our Denver and Lakewood patients.

Physical therapy treatment generally involves a personalized blend of therapeutic exercise and manual therapy. Physical therapists, like Accelerate Health’s Dr. Justin Lowder, work with patients across a wide range of ages and health conditions to help individuals improve their movement, manage pain, and prevent or recover from injuries or disabilities.

What Does Physical Therapy Do?

Physical therapy treatments can be designed to address many needs and conditions, including:

Physical therapists employ various techniques to manage and alleviate pain. This may involve hands-on manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, modalities like heat or cold therapy, and other approaches aimed at reducing pain and improving function.

Physical therapy aims to restore and enhance a person’s ability to move and perform daily activities. Therapeutic exercises and functional training help improve strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and overall mobility.

Physical therapists play a crucial role in educating patients about their conditions and providing guidance on injury prevention. They may teach proper body mechanics, ergonomics, and home exercise programs to help patients to manage health and prevent future issues.

Physical therapy is often a key component of rehabilitation after surgeries, injuries, or medical procedures. It helps individuals regain strength, mobility, and independence, facilitating a smoother recovery process.

By developing and implementing a personalized physical therapy treatment plan, Accelerate Health can help you to feel your best again, so you can get back to the active life you love.

Who Might Benefit from Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is applicable to a wide range of conditions and can benefit individuals across various age and ability groups, including people with:

  • Individuals recovering from orthopedic surgeries (e.g., joint replacement, ligament repair) or musculoskeletal injuries such as fractures, sprains, or strains.
  • Individuals with arthritis or other degenerative joint conditions.
  • Stroke survivors aiming to regain mobility and function.
  • Individuals with traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis.
  • Athletes recovering from sports-related injuries or surgeries.
  • Individuals seeking to prevent sports injuries through strength and conditioning programs.
  • Individuals with work-related injuries, such as repetitive strain injuries or back pain.
  • People seeking ergonomic assessments and preventive strategies for the workplace.
  • Individuals experiencing chronic pain conditions, such as lower back pain or fibromyalgia.
  • Those recovering from injuries with persistent pain.

Accelerate Health’s physical therapy treatments are highly individualized, and treatment plans are tailored to the specific needs and goals of each person. Our team will help to determine if PT can be an appropriate component for your overall treatment plan.

Physical Therapy Treatments Available Now at Accelerate Health

The team of experts at Accelerate Health all strive to help our friends in the Lakewood and Denver areas recover their physical abilities, achieve their wellness goals, and feel better in their bodies than ever before. We are ready to discuss your situation and determine if physical therapy will be a helpful treatment for you.

When you make an appointment, we will:

  • Listen to your story and your body
  • Plan customized treatment to meet your specific needs
  • Partner with you on your journey to recovering a full and active lifestyle

Get ready to feel good again with Accelerate Health.

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We accept most insurances, as well as Care Credit, a health care credit card. We are in-network with the following companies:

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