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Whiplash and car accident injury treatment.

car accident

In a car crash, your spine goes through a rapid acceleration-deceleration motion, commonly referred to as “whiplash”. A whiplash injury that you sustain in a car accident is a strain to the muscles around the spine and extremities, as well a sprain to the joint capsules and the ligaments that are the spinal stabilizers. The part of your body that is most susceptible to this trauma is the neck, or cervical spine. Patients report neck pain, headaches, and shoulder pain after car accidents even as low as 5-miles-per-hour. It doesn't have to be a high impact speed to cause significant trauma to the cervical spine and leave patients with these complaints.

There is also a change to the natural curve in the neck when you are in a car crash. Normal neck curvature is a “C” but after the whiplash injury it becomes an “S” with the top part of your spine and your skull getting pushed forward. This creates forward head carriage (also think “text neck” phenomenon), which leads to chronic neck and upper back pain, headaches, poor posture. Over time, this loss of curve leads to early arthritis and disc degeneration, which can cause serious nerve and spinal cord injury. Chiropractic care for auto injuries can not only help relieve your pain but also correct these issues in the spine.

At Accelerate Health, we understand all the effects of car accidents and treat our patients who have suffered from these injuries with compassionate and expert care. We understand the shock of the crash, the frustration with the pain, and the time it takes out of your day to get the care you need. We work with you and your schedule to get you back to what you love faster and to prevent you from dealing with chronic pain from these injuries.

Having locations in Downtown Denver off 6th Avenue and Lakewood off Wadsworth offers our patients two convenient locations to come in and get the auto injury treatment they need.