Auto Accidents Care

Whiplash and car accident injury treatment

Vitamins + Nutritional Counseling

Individualized supplement guidance and diet counseling

Webster + Prenatal Care

Alleviate prenatal pain, optimize pelvic positioning, alignment for labor and delivery

Postpartum Care

Specialized postpartum care and re-alignment after delivery

Pediatric Care

Gentle, safe, and effective mobilization and manual therapy for infants and children

Chiropractic Care

Restore normal spinal and extremity joint function

Dry Needling

Restore normal muscle tone


Reduce scar tissue and restore muscle function

Massage Therapy

Sports, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Postpartum

Physical Therapy

Therapeutic exercise, functional movement, gait analysis

Traction Decompression

Reduce disc herniations and spinal decompression


Heal tendonitis

Laser Therapy

Decrease inflammation, increase growth factors