Vitamins and Nutrition

Individualized supplement guidance and diet counseling.


There’s a lot of debate out there about supplementing with vitamins. You may think, why do we need to if we have a healthy diet? Or maybe you take a multi and call it good. The truth is, even with healthy, diverse diets, we don’t get all the micronutrients we need because most of our food has been processed or modified in some way. And if the food hasn’t, usually the soil has. And that’s where the food we eat gets its nutrients from.

Another issue to note is that not all supplements are made equally. Did you know that the industry standard is that what’s advertised as being in that little capsule only has to be 70% of what it's claiming to be? That leaves 30% for fillers, additives and preservatives. And not only that, but sometimes the probiotics you’re consuming aren’t even alive still and the vitamin you’re swallowing might not be bioavailable to be absorbed. The companies aren’t required to make sure it’s live or absorbable.

That’s why supplementing with trusted vitamin companies that invite independent audits of their products is so important. We only carries two lines in our office because those two companies hold themselves to the highest standards in this industry.

Designs for Health has been around for decades. They are a trusted company that invites an independent audit of their supplements and has also moved to all glass bottles.

Xymogen holds itself to a 97% rate for their vitamins! That’s the highest in the industry. That also means you don’t need to take as much to get the same effect as other brands. And you can rest assured that what you’re taking is almost 100% what it says on that label.

If you’re interested in a more specific analysis of what YOUR body needs, we offer nutritional testing. This is a blood test where the lab tests the most common foods, oils, and spices with your blood and rates the reactions from none to severe. The analysis gives us recommendations for supplements based on your specific blood work, as well as a list of foods for you to limit or avoid, which can be a lot easier and quicker than an elimination diet.

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