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Alleviate prenatal pain, optimize pelvic positioning, set alignment for labor and delivery.

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Throughout pregnancy, your body is going to experience many biomechanical changes. As your belly begins to grow your pelvis is going to start to rotate in a forward motion putting more of a curvature in your low back which could lead to low back discomfort. As your breast tissue begins to grow, you will experience an increased forward gravitational pull on your upper body creating more tension between your shoulder blades and into your neck.

Your body will also undergo many hormonal changes. One of the hormones that will increase due to pregnancy is called relaxin. Relaxin is a regularly occurring hormone in our systems but at generally low levels. During your first trimester, this hormone will spike and then remain fairly consistent for the rest of your pregnancy. The whole purpose of this hormone is to do exactly what its name says and relax structures in your body such as your uterine wall and ligaments of the pelvis, all with the intent of creating more space for your baby.

Our chiropractors at Accelerate Health will address the aches and pains that can come with these changes. Treatment includes a combination of soft tissue manipulation, spinal manipulation, pubic bone adjustments, and education on how to care for your body between visits.

Our providers are educated in Webster Technique which was developed as a systematic approach of assessing and treating you throughout your pregnancy to help maintain the most ideal alignment for you and your baby. When utilizing Webster Technique, our providers assess and reduce muscle tension in and around the pelvis as well as address any imbalance or misalignment that might be present in the joints of the pelvis. Doing so will reduce your discomfort and provide the most room for your baby to be in the most ideal position for birth.

It is important to note that chiropractic care during pregnancy is safe for both mom and baby. Before treatment is ever performed, our chiropractors will take an in depth look at your current and past medical history as well as perform an extensive physical exam to ensure treatment is right for you.

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