Denver Postpartum Chiropractic

Specialized postpartum care and re-alignment after delivery.


Postpartum care is seriously lacking in our society. We have so many prenatal visits throughout pregnancy and then only one visit postpartum, and that’s six weeks after delivery! Our bodies did so much work and underwent life changing stress throughout pregnancy and delivery. And it’s not like the stress or repetitive positions ends with the baby, in fact it’s just beginning. We need to take care of ourselves and our bodies after this process so we can heal properly and also be able to take care of and play with our little ones.

Many of the hormones that were elevated during pregnancy remain high while you are breastfeeding and up to a year following labor. This means your body will have endured almost two years of elevated hormones. During pregnancy these hormones were aimed at relaxing structures such as your ligaments and muscles increasing joint motion and reducing overall biomechanical stability. Therefore your body still remains fairly unstable during your first year postpartum. An increase in hormonal and biomechanical changes such as these is a lot for your body to compensate for and can lead to an increase in muscle tension and general discomfort.

This is where postpartum chiropractic care can help you. Our chiropractors at Accelerate Health are trained not only in how to best treat the postpartum recovering body but they will also help you start to rehabilitate with a focus on increasing your overall stability. They will guide you through safe ways to start reactivating your core, help you determine what activities your body is ready to return to and instruct you on topics such as breastfeeding ergonomics, how to best lift a baby in and out of bed, how to best carry the car seat and other activities throughout your day that seem small but can lead to injury if not done properly. The postpartum period is a wonderful time full of connecting with your newest family member.

At Accelerate Health our postpartum chiropractic specialists want to help you get the most of this time by alleviating any physical stressors you might be experiencing. Reach out today for expert postpartum chiropractic care in Denver.