Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Gentle, safe, and effective mobilization and manual therapy for infants and children.


Chiropractic care is not only beneficial for our adult population but can also benefit children as well. Pediatric chiropractic is safe and effective for kiddos of all ages. During the newborn phase, infant chiropractic care addresses issues such as postural tension during the gestational period, general biomechanical stress related to the birthing process and how this new body adapts to its new environment. When we consider the fact that babies spend several months curled in a ball in the womb it is understandable that they might have areas of tension related to this. Throughout the birthing process their bodies also undergo a lot of biomechanical stressors due to compression from contractions and the positions they move through as they make their way down the birthing canal.

One of the major benefits of pediatric chiropractic care is the effect it has on the nervous system. Your baby’s brain and spinal cord are protected by their skull and spine. When your pediatric chiropractor is assessing the spine they are looking for any tension that might be causing inflammation which can interfere with neurologic pathways.

Kiddos can benefit from chiropractic care during all stages of development. As their bodies grow it is important to ensure that they are biomechanically balanced as many compensation patterns our bodies show during adulthood start in our pediatric years. It is also becoming more common for our kiddos to be experiencing postural tension and headaches related to spending an increased amount of time with electronics.

Is pediatric chiropractic safe? Yes, our chiropractors at Accelerate Health use gentle techniques that are proven to be safe and effective for your youngest family members. With extensive education in pediatric treatment protocols, your child’s care and safety is of the utmost importance to our pediatric specialists.

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