Dr. Justin Lowder

Dr. Justin Lowder

Meet Dr. Lowder

Meet Justin Lowder, PT, DPT – A dedicated professional, Justin obtained his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the esteemed University of Saint Augustine. His journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Industry Operations, earned at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. Originating from Oklahoma, Justin’s path led him to Colorado, drawn by his passion for college soccer at MSUD.

Justin’s life has been intertwined with sports; he’s an enthusiastic soccer player, mountain biker, and snowboarder. His personal experience as an athlete, tracing back to his childhood, exposed him to injuries that necessitated rehabilitation and Physical Therapy. This first-hand encounter ignited his fascination with the field.

Comprehending the athlete’s mindset and the unwavering commitment to attaining and preserving peak physical form, Justin possesses a profound insight. His extensive exposure to the challenges athletes face aligns seamlessly with his role. Justin takes immense pleasure in catering to individuals of various ages and abilities, each with orthopedic conditions. This spectrum ranges from weekend warriors and spirited seniors to elite athletes, all of whom demand peak performance from their bodies.

Dr. Justin Lowder

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