Dr. Kristeen PerkinsDr. Perkins is looking forward to joining the Accelerate Health team. As a fellow University of Western States graduate she is excited to work alongside like minded practitioners focused on treating patients as a whole and not only a set of symptoms. Dr. Perkins works to provide the best possible care for patients in office as well as educating patients to care for themselves between visits. She believes there is healing power in patients playing an active role in their health care journey. While attending UWS Dr. Perkins found an affinity for treating expecting and postpartum mommas. This passion lead to advanced training in the areas of prenatal, postpartum and pediatric care. Further improved through clinical experience Dr. Christeen is proficient in Webster technique for pregnant patients, helping rebuild spinal stability in postpartum patients, as well as reducing tension, improving nursing abilities and assisting proper motor development in pediatric patients. Dr. Christeen thoroughly enjoys assisting your whole family on their journey to better health. Before starting her journey as a chiropractor Dr. Christeen was a professional horse trainer. It was through her experience with chiropractic as an equestrian she began to learn how beneficial chiropractic can be. Continually impressed by how quickly she would recover after a fall and how chiropractic care would improve the performance of her equine teammates, she decided it was time to learn more about this avenue of health care and pursue a career as a chiropractor. As a new Denver resident Dr. Perkins looks forward to getting outside and loves suggestions from patients about must see adventures. With a love of hiking, camping and spending time in the water she feels Colorado will be an excellent home for her to explore and one day raise a family of her own.
Dr. Christeen Perkins
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