Cycling: How A.R.T. Can Make A Difference

Remember to stretch, stay hydrated, listen to your body to help avoid injuries…and if you need our help, you know where we are.

Recently at Accelerate Health, we have seen an increase in a number of cyclists we treat. Last month we started a partnership with the Women’s Naked Juice Cycling Team, have an upcoming talk about Injury Prevention at the Giant Cycling World Store in Littleton, and continue to see novice and elite racers coming through our doors.

One of our racers who is a member of the Prestigue Imports Junior Cycling Team, Will, stated:

“As a cyclist, I spend several hundred hours a year in the same, hunched over position of my bike. I have had pretty bad back pain in the past, and when I started seeing Dr. Fearn, she has significantly reduced my back pain. The exercises she has given me have strengthened my core, and she has been able to detect and reduce my muscle imbalances. I also have had knee pain, another result of having your legs moving in the same motion, thousands of times an hours. The stretches she has given me have helped to eliminate this pain and allowed me to be performing and training at my full potential.”

Another cyclists, Roberta, from the Naked Juice Cycling Team, describes her journey to finding relief.

“I discovered Accelerate Health a few months ago and I can’t be more grateful for their services.  I have always struggled with my sports identity as I am a cyclist, a runner, a swimmer, a skier, and a biathlete. Depending on the weather and the type of day I have ahead of me I will choose my workout accordingly.  I have now been racing bicycles for 10 years on various local club teams and have made my way to the category 2 level. Racing bikes is an awesome way to stay fit and have a competitive edge, although, just like every sport, you get aches and pains when you are digging deep every weekend.

Since I have focused most exclusively on cycling, I have noticed where I need a little help in my recovery.  Many people think that cycling is less stressful on the body, but when you are in just a few various positions on the bike and especially on the trainer during the winter, your muscles get tight and need just as much attention as any other athlete.  Shoulders, necks, lower backs, legs, etc can all have pesky pains that hinder any cyclist from enjoying their ride.

It is great to have Accelerate Health as a great one-stop partner in that process. In addition, as a cyclist who is on a women’s cycling team, I appreciate that Accelerate Health is woman-owned and operated clinic, run by women athletes.  Having someone understand how important racing is on any level is important to me and my maintenance.”

Remember to stretch, stay hydrated, listen to your body to help avoid injuries…and if you get twisted up, our expert chiropractors use A.R.T and other techniques to get you back on your feet.

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