The Turkish Get-Up

The Turkish Get-Up is a great exercise that works on core stability and glute activation. Watch a short video to see how it works!


Melatonin and it's Natural Secrets

The importance of getting a restful night’s sleep cannot be under stated. Read this post to learn why regular sleep is essential to good health and what to do if you’re not making the cut.


Calling All Mommy's To Be

Alleviate some of the pain and discomfort of pregnancy with these helpful exercises and good practices.


Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Having access to a chiropractic physician who not only will explain what is going on in her body and why, but can often alleviate many of her symptoms, can help to calm the emotional challenges of pregnancy.


A Few Simple Things to Boost Your Metabolism

Looking for a few simple ways to boost your health and wellness? Read this post that highlights some things you can do to improve your health and start feeling healthy.


4 Healthy Reasons to Eat Chia Seeds

Whether you prefer the more jam-like consistency or something crunchier, this protein-packed seed can offer a diversity of options for meal enlightenment


Are the "Freshest" Looking Foods Making You Sick?

It would be hard to argue the appeal of a crisp, bright salad with colors that pop right off the plate as apposed to one that looks a bit less vibrant, but you might be inclined to choose the latter if you understood all that goes into that “fresh” presentation.


Five Second Rule Reality

According to new research, it appears that the five-second rule adherents are basically on the right track, with a few caveats of course.

brain power concept with 3d rendering shiny human brain

Pain Changes Your Brain

The adjustment is such a powerful tool, because what we do as chiropractors influences the nervous system and ultimately your brain!


Chiropractic Savings: Health and Wealth

A question that we field quite often at Accelerate Health is why should someone choose Chiropractic over other health care options?

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