Are the "Freshest" Looking Foods Making You Sick?

It would be hard to argue the appeal of a crisp, bright salad with colors that pop right off the plate as apposed to one that looks a bit less vibrant, but you might be inclined to choose the latter if you understood all that goes into that “fresh” presentation.


Five Second Rule Reality

According to new research, it appears that the five-second rule adherents are basically on the right track, with a few caveats of course.

brain power concept with 3d rendering shiny human brain

Pain Changes Your Brain

The adjustment is such a powerful tool, because what we do as chiropractors influences the nervous system and ultimately your brain!


Chiropractic Savings: Health and Wealth

A question that we field quite often at Accelerate Health is why should someone choose Chiropractic over other health care options?


Understanding Medpay and How it Can Help

Contrary to popular belief, health insurance isn’t the only financial assistance people can attain to help pay unforeseen medical expenses after a car accident.

Accepted Insurances:

We accept most insurances, as well as Care Credit, a health care credit card. We are in-network with the following companies:

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