Dr. Brittany DowningAlisha Dawn McKenzie has always been attuned and fascinated with the human body and is a strong believer in the power of bridging the gap between mind body connectivity. Her continuing education always inspires her passion to seek opportunity to apply therapeutic relief and to help the people she connects with, be inspired toward their personal wellness in getting back to what they love to do! Her heavy background in dance and the performing arts has made her keenly aware of the stressors that can develop overtime in the body. From a young age she studied at the Denver School of the Arts with a background in the Performing Arts where she majored in vocals and minored in dance. In her 8th grade year, her Anatomy teacher asked a massage therapist to come into class, to better illustrate how everything is connected and works together. From the minute the therapist spoke she felt a resonance within and from the exercises that were demonstrated, she practiced on her friends, classmates and at times instructors and directors. All responded welcomingly and graciously. From there she continued work in the performing arts, then went into the service industry until the last 4 years where she decided to attend the Colorado School of Healing Arts to receive her license in massage therapy. There, she passionately studied Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue and Swedish. After graduating from CSHA she found her skills leading to all things concerning myofascial and how to better engage and balance the tensile structures of the human body. Ardently following the belief that it is critical to foster an environment of safety, trust and honest communication so that growth happens on a deeper level.

Before her enthusiast partnership with Accelerate Health, she worked at Hand and Stone and CSHA Professionals Clinic. Alisha also enjoys volunteering at Health and Sports related events doing chair/massage and taking webinars in continuing education to advance her passion for soft tissue manipulation. Apart from her renewing work in massage therapy she very much enjoys listening to music/comedy, going on very lengthy walks in nature, reading, cooking her Blue Apron dinners, practicing Tai Chi, practicing Ariel, and working with horses for her further interest in Equine massage.

Alisha Dawn McKenzie
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