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Jenna Lee Dillon

Dr. Brittany Downing may actually be a wizard. In all seriousness, I am so thankful I found her to help me through this last month of my pregnancy. She has worked magic with her hands to help me with my ribs shifting which was causing me to not be able to breeze, to help my pelvic area prepare for labor, and to help me deal with the upper back pain I’ve had for most of my pregnancy. I finally have relief! I wish I hadn’t waited so long to go to her. I also plan to use her for postnatal care and may consider chiropractic care for my baby if it seems necessary after the birth process. I’ve never been a huge advocate of chiropractic care before. It’s not that I didn’t believe in it or was against it, it just wasn’t my go to. The results I’ve had with Dr. Downing have shown me the incredible value of chiropractic care and I will continue to use it as a tool throughout my life and any future pregnancies.

Annie Sells

At some point in the last 2 years I injured my back. I did not notice until 5 months ago when I could not wear a backpack hiking without being in pain. This caused me to seek out Accelerate health. I started seeing Dr. Downing and immediately found relief. Now I do not experience back pain throughout the day. She also works on my jaw to combat TMJ. Through jaw exercises and massage I no longer wake up with headaches and my jaw is not in pain, I had no idea I could get this relief without surgery. Dr. Downing also suggested I see a massage therapist for my back pain. Therapeutic massage has given me much needed relief and helped me better understand the pain that had been in my back, neck, jaw and hip/glutes. I highly recommend this practice to anyone, they are very accommodating and transparent about what they notice and exercises to do at home to aid the healing process.

Rebecca Rittinger

I messed up my poor back while 6 months pregnant and tried PT, rest, time- I needed more help. I came here and after ONE session knew I was on the road to recovery. I can’t praise Dr. Downing enough- she’s incredible! I have come since for other sessions to continue to heal and maintain correct alignment and I’m no longer scared that my back injury will prevent me from a healthy delivery. I’ll definitely be back postpartum as well to keep my self all tuned up. I highly recommend her!

Michael Burns

Dr. Shupe is probably the best chiropractor I’ve seen. He focuses on what needs attention and makes sure his care is extensive and worth the experience.

Angelo Butierres

I love this place. Friendly staff and they make you feel great!

Dustin Greenwood

This place is great! Super nice and very knowledgeable staff. As an athlete it is important that I take care of my body and Accelerate Health keeps me healthy!

Kelley Ryan

Dr. Shupe is amazing! My boyfriend and I came to see him after a car accident earlier this year. This was the second chiropractor we’d seen and we were growing frustrated with the process. Dr. Shupe was friendly, easy to talk to, and incredibly good at what he does. We are both on the road to recovery now, all thanks to him. The office staff are friendly and helpful. I very highly recommend this practice for anyone with chiropractic needs.

Gina Khrestsova

OK, I just came back from my first appointment with Dr.Nick S. and let me tell you.., this was one of the best experiences I’ve had at a chiropractors office. I sprained my back/hip bone/muscle from aggressive boxing at the gym, and instead of going to Accelerate Health right away, I went and done two massages to get the kink out, and then 2 times at a ‘chiro now’- neither helped. I was still limping and putting on shoes sitting on the floor for 2.5weeks, until my brother finally convinced me to go to A.H. SO- today I came in, the girls at the front were welcoming and already knew who I was.., Dr. Nick called me into his office and just asked me information about my health and my family (7of my family members already go to his office for treatment)., and the whole process was so easy and painless. We stretched out my back bones and muscles, and now, I feel like I can do cartwheels and flips haha.. I will definitely recommend this place to everyone who needs a great chiropractor. I, for sure, will be back.

Molly Sakser

Dr. Brittany Downing helped me so much with pain during my pregnancy. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to caring for pregnant women and babies. I would suggest her to anyone seeking chiropractic care!

Katie Schietinger

Dr. Downing genuinely cares about her patients. I have LOVED working with her throughout my pregnancy. I leave not only feeling physically better, but with tons of resources and information. She always has “tid-bits” of advice and helpful tips that I can take with me. I absolutely recommend her!

5/5 Stars: “Very helpful and lovely staff who are very knowledgeable in their craft.” -Gina P (4/21/16)

5/5 Stars: “I have had a fantastic experience with Accelerate Health! Everyone was friendly, knowledgable, and professional – and understood my goal was to get out doing what I love as fast as possible. I love working with them and look forward to my visits.” -Maggie L (4/5/16)


5/5 Stars: “Fantastic place and very helpful. Good practical advice and care.” -Lindsay D (2/15/16)


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