Here are just a few of the nice things some of our amazing clients have said about us over the years! Please feel free let us know what you thought of your visit and our service by leaving us a review as well! We love getting feedback from our wonderful Denver community.

5/5 Stars: “Very helpful and lovely staff who are very knowledgeable in their craft.” -Gina P (4/21/16)

5/5 Stars: “I have had a fantastic experience with Accelerate Health! Everyone was friendly, knowledgable, and professional – and understood my goal was to get out doing what I love as fast as possible. I love working with them and look forward to my visits.” -Maggie L (4/5/16)

5/5 Stars: “I am a personal trainer and have been to many massage therapists over the years, so I have had several good therapists work with me and my clients – but none have been as wonderful, attentive and thorough as Holly at Accelerate health. I went in for a deep tissue massage and expressed some concern for some plantar issues, IT band tightness and strain in lats – Holly was able to pinpoint each issue and help resolve them. I have been going back every other week for maintenance 🙂 and send all my clients to her. Highly recommended! The rest of the staff at Accelerate Health are top notch as well. Very nice atmosphere and pleasure to work with.” -Sean S (3/21/16)

5/5 Stars:”I recently went in for shoulder injury, and Dr. Krause did a thorough exam and determined a diagnosis pretty quickly. She asked a lot of questions, and it felt like there was a lot of progress in just a single session. After some stretches and work on the shoulder, there was immediate improvement. This clinic also got me in for an appointment within 24 hours, so I highly recommend Accelerate Health.” -Matt T (3/16/16)

5/5 Stars: “Michelle Spencer is a wonderful massage therapist. She helped break up many knots that I had accumulated over time from sitting at a desk. I left on cloud-9. Thank you!” -Erin W (3/3/16)

5/5 Stars: “Fantastic place and very helpful. Good practical advice and care.” -Lindsay D (2/15/16)

5/5 Stars: “Dr. Krause helped me with several treatments on my IT band and provided me with several stretches so that I can hopefully be back to running soon.” -Adam K (2/11/16)

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