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Understanding MedPay and How it Can Help

Medical Payments Coverage Contrary to popular belief, health insurance isn’t the only financial assistance people can attain to help pay...

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Chiropractic Savings: Health and Wealth!

A question that we field quite often at Accelerate Health is why should someone choose Chiropractic over other health care...

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Pain Changes your Brain, and Regular Adjustments can Help!

When I received my first chiropractic adjustment as a teenager for generalized neck pain, I felt immediate relief.  My understanding...

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Five-Second Rule Reality

Five-Second Rule Reality by Beth Levine   Most everyone is familiar with the five-second rule: the understanding that any food...

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Are The “Freshest”-Looking Foods Making You Sick?

Are the “freshest”-looking foods making you sick?   It would be hard to argue the appeal of a crisp, bright...

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4 Healthy Reasons to Eat Chia Seeds

As I was eating my usual chia seed and blueberries with coconut milk “cereal” for breakfast this morning, I came across...

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A Few Simple Things to Boost Your Metabolism

Green Tea   We’ve all heard of the health benefits of green tea for years now, but that’s because they...

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Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Understanding the changes in your body and how chiropractic can help…   A person’s spine is made of 24 moveable...

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Calling All Mommy’s To Be

Prenatal Exercises   Here is an easy pelvic tilt exercise to get you started. It will strengthen stomach and back...

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