Training for a Marathon

Are you training for an upcoming marathon and want some advice? Dr. Krause shares how she is training for the Boston Marathon which will take place on Monday, April 18th.

Dr. Krause qualified for the Boston Marathon at The Ogden Utah Marathon in May 2015, but had qualifying times twice before that at the Green Bay Cellcom Marathon in 2009 and the Chicago Marathon in 2011. So how does she do it? Dr. Krause follows a strict schedule for long runs every Saturday and fits in runs throughout the week for whatever milage she has time for. She says, “I like to have a little bit of flexibility during the week. If I am feeling good one day and want to do a longer run, I can, or if the weather is bad or I’m feeling tired, I can cut back a little.”

It’s not just about physical training though, Dr. Krause emphasizes the importance of hydration and keeping your body well-fueled. “I make sure to not only increase the amount of water I drink, but also remember to eat something within 20 minutes of finishing a run. Other than that, I try to reduce the amount of dairy I eat because it bothers my stomach during runs.”

Running can take a toll on your body, especially when training for a marathon or other long-distance run. Dr. Krause helps alleviate muscle pain after long runs by taking a hot epsom salt and apple cider vinegar bath. She explains, “I put about one cup of both in the water and make sure the water is relatively hot. Since I started doing this, I’ve noticed a lot less soreness in my legs and I recover much faster.”

So what’s the end goal for Dr. Krause? “I would love to finish around 3:20-3:25, but I will be happy with anything under 3:30. Boston isn’t known for being a particularly fast course, so I just want to enjoy the experience and the crowds.”

We hope that Dr. Krause is able to meet her goal and we can’t wait for her to bring us back a medal! Good luck Kendelle!

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